Global Partnership

We grow as a global company that produces special-purpose vehicles based on eco-friendly technologies.



“We since rely welcome those who visit our website.”

As the word of A new wine in a new bottle”, we will do our best to cope with a turbulent era of globalization and to reborn as a new spirit.

Since establishment of Jungwoo Industry in 1974, we have produced parts used for tank lorry and vacuum lorry. Our excellent performance and quality have been recognized.

We have expanded our business sector into manufacturing of special purpose vehicles such as tank lorry based on parts business. Since 1998, we have registered as a part vendor in Hyundai Motor, Kia Motors, and Tata Daewoo Commercial Vehicle. We have endlessly strived to contribute to customer satisfaction and social development over past 30 years.

As a result, we take the lead in a tanklorry manufacturing industry. Along with a subsidiary of Dowon Automotive Industry established in 1995, we have grown as a specialized tank lorry manufacturer including a Class 1 automotive maintenance industry.

Furthermore, with our subsidiaries such as Jungwoo Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd., Jungwoo Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., and Jungwoo Precision & Industry Co., Ltd., it has advanced to a special vehicle manufacturing company.

In particular, we will be with you through enhancement of global competitiveness, creative product development, complete quality control, and exhaustive service. We ask you of constant attention and hertfelt rebuke and wish your home waill be always filled with love and happiness.

CEO Lee Gwan-woo